What is Leklai?

What is Leklai?

Leklai is an extremely rare magical metal that forms naturally in deep inaccessible caves, a beautiful creation of mother nature and found only in 2 countries in the world - Pahang Malaysia and Spain. 

All Leklai sold in this website are found and hand-mined in Pahang Malaysia with NO Religion, NO Praying

Each Leklai is unique and there can never be another Leklai with the same shape, texture, colour or size.

Leklai Benefits

  • Protect You
  • Chase away 小人
  • Meet Benefactors 贵人
  • Enhance Good Energy
  • Invite Opportunities
  • Improve Luck & Wealth

How to take care of Leklai?


Leklai natural surface can be rocky, porous, or smooth. It depends on the way it is formed. It is natural that parts of the Leklai may come off when you rub/touch it. To maintain a beautiful colour or potential colour changes, you can spray or soak it in water and dry it under indirect sun. Highly recommended to use Rain water or Herkimer Diamond infused water for best effect if not tap water is also good enough.

*For birdnest leklai with fragile DNA formation, suggest only to spray it with water occasionally. No sunlight required.

When Leklai absorbs water, it is normal for it to become darker. Once you leave it under the sunlight for a while, it will return to its original dazzling colours.

For bubble leklai, as you continue to spray water and indirect sun, the layer of the leklai will peel off and the next colour will reveal. Magical moment to witness the colour changes.